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What's IYLC.ME?

Learning | Growing | Sharing | Manifesting For Everyone

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose would by any other name smell as sweet." ~William Shakespeare

Quality Manifesting Coaching Matters

Hi, I'm Marcie, and IYLC stands for my coaching business, Illuminated You Lifestyle Coaching. It's kind of a mouthful, and I like to abbreviate it that way when talking with you. Something you should know is that I looove being a manifesting coach and helping thousands upon thousands to manifest their life, their way. It's my passion as well as my expertise, but I soon realized once I had that fancy-schmancy certification in hand that I can't one-to-one coach everybody.

I still wanted to offer everyone ready for coaching the type of help that it can provide in the most streamlined, beneficial, and impactful way possible. I think you should feel just like I'm coaching you one-to-one even if I'm not. I want you to have access to my expertise in a way that's still within your means. So I've been using my creativity to give you the best non-one-to-one coaching experience possible. My aim is always to provide you with fantastic free stuff you can get excited about; affordable paid coaching programs that will make a genuine difference in your life and a fun and interactive community for support and encouragement. I'm gonna share all I know and have learned about manifesting so you'll be attractive to all you want.  It's all meant to help you live your best life.

If you've found this page, it's no accident. If you're already one of my clients, students, or social media followers, you are the best part of my business. I want everyone who types IYLC into their browser to know that they're welcome here anytime they want to be. So that's why IYLC.ME. Don't be shy; come on in and get comfortable. I'm so glad you're here! 

Come Forth Inner Genie, Here Are Your Solutions!

The Powered UP Memberships

Learn | Grow | Community

Hey, I know there's a bunch of stuff about co-creating your life out there right now. A LOT more than when I first learned about the Law of Attraction, that's for sure. When you look around these days, it's a veritable sea of freebies about this, that, and the other. It can be super confusing to know who to listen to or what to trade your valuable email for. And there's no guarantee that what you're getting is gonna work for you or that you even need it! 

Look, the news isn't bad, though! I know what works for the newbie, the experienced, and the advanced manifesting student because I've been all three. There are pitfalls to avoid for where you are right now. But better yet, there are ways to connect what you know today and the next logical step you need to take. That's why I created The Powered UP Club for manifesting students. 

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The Magnetic Me Podcast & Ignition Blog

Info | Inspiration | Reflection

As a manifestor, there are gonna be questions that you'd like to have answered. Let's be honest. This whole idea of using universal principles to create the life/circumstances you want isn't the standard conditioning a lot of us have. So when you learn about the LOA or some of the other laws that play a massive part in the way things come together for you, it's pretty normal to have to wrap your mind around this way of understanding how life works. 

As a coach that specializes in this area, I only work with people who are consciously manifesting. That means I've got a lot of experience in fielding these questions. I can promise you that my inbox gets a good workout. Your questions are the genius kick-in -pants I needed to create the The Magnetic Me, You + Law Of Attraction Podcast, and The Ignition Blog. What's the diff though? You only have to click on the buttons below to find out. 

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What's Your Biggest, Most Badass Dream?

I for one would love to know!

If I didn't know 100% I could help you, I wouldn't be here. 

I've already helped thousands of struggling, co-creators break through their manifesting blocks and get what they wanted. It doesn't matter what you think the issue is, I know I've got exactly the solution you need to help you easily transform whatever you'd like to.

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Courses, Workshops, Memberships And More

Learn | Implement | Transform

Full confession, I'm a bit of a nerd. Okay, okay, I'm a complete and total nerd! If I take an interest in something, it sometimes becomes an obsession. What can I say? I've always been like this, and I'm just lucky that my husband can cut through my mania when I'm knee-deep into learning about a new passion. And he's caught me with the same fixated, enthusiastic expression on my face as this kid in the photo has. Many times, in fact, when I'm creating something new like a fascinating course, or a super-charged challenge or some kind of juicy, powerful content for you.

My ideas tend to take me away with them when inspiration strikes. I don't know about you, but manifesting gets me like this every time. Yes, of course, when I get an idea about something I want to realize in my life or my business. But it also happens when something fabulous shows up, and I didn't even try that hard. Sometimes I'll think it once, and it will show up—no endless ritual application of techniques, no over-thinking about things. I'll just be minding my own business, and that thing I wanted two days ago just shows up almost out of nowhere. 

If you'd like to do the same, check out our CREATE page. That's where you'll find the step-by-step processes and methods I use to make it happen with as little effort as possible. You can absolutely get in on my proprietary blueprint and frameworks for manifesting the life you dream about.

Let Me See What You've Got For Me Marcie

Personal One-To-One Coaching

Insight | Awareness | Results

Picture it! Oh, wait, I just heard the wise-ass octogenarian Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls tv show in my head. Anybody else with me? You did too? Thank goodness. 

I digress; let's get back on track. Just take a minute to imagine yourself getting up in the morning. As you're drinking your start-the-day beverage, you're reflecting on how it's going to unfold when you realize everything in your life is exactly how you like it. You'd have it no other way. You do what you want to do; you live where you want to live. You surround yourself with the people who mean the most, and you're confident that you have everything you want today, tomorrow, and forever. If you're going to change something, even on the fly, you can do it with ease. You're more than just content with the way things are going; you're joyful and loving life because you know precisely what to do to create the circumstances that suit you the best and to keep them going. Even better, you finally feel worthy of what you want.

Does this mean you don't have any challenges? No, it doesn't, you haven't stopped being human, but you've evolved into a version of yourself that you once only dreamed about. When unwanted things pop up from time to time, you've got the mystery password to open up your channels to abundance, and you learn a valuable lesson that you take with you into your future. When the doorway to your ideal lifestyle is open, you've automatically closed the door to lack and wanting. And personal coaching can be the ticket to your transformation!

I'd Like To Learn More About Coaching

Want Me To Help You Absolutely And Authentically Manifest The Life You Want?

I know I can because I ditched my own bs circumstances and taught myself how back in 2004. Since then, I've helped thousands of others do it too. You're specially invited along for the ride, so put your name and best email into the form, and I'll be in touch to take you on a journey that will end with you living your best life.

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