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Get Your Shine ON!

Your Destiny Awaits!

Dare To Be Irresistible To The Law Of Attraction

Not Sure Where To Start?

Watch this video. It has super helpful tips for what you need to program your inner badass into your fave contacts list. Choosing what you need now helps you start in right place to get lined up with your jazzed up future and fill it with all the head-turning, resplendence that you desire. 

Stop And Hear This!

Never again get caught up in pointless frustration during your co-creative quests. You'll save endless hours of annoyance and leave behind habits of continually fitting techniques into your schedule. You'll manifest accurately and without the fear obsessiveness.

Ditch Questionable Manifesting Techniques

Finally get off the never ending merry-go-round of searching for "The One" manifesting exercise you need. 

Get the tried and true techniques tested by a real manifesting coach and my clients/students for over a decade. You'll only get what works as well as tons of insider tips and tricks to help you make all your dreams come true. 

Dispose Yourself Of Doubt

You can officially quit wondering if you're somehow getting things wrong, even with all your enthusiasm and learning. Oh, and forget about seeing signs because they'll come to you. You'll be honing your intuition and all your manifesting senses to perfection. That means you can rest at night without constant ritual techniques. 

Here Is Our Excitedly Endorsed, Affordable Path For The Newly Minted Manifestor

Powered UP Membership Free

This is our freshly curated freebie file. It's perfect for those new to manifesting or anyone who doesn't want to spend a massive chunk of moolah right now but still wants to be introduced to tons of manifesting info, practical action steps, and that community feel.

Powered UP Membership Premium

PUP is a whole other level of Powered UP. It's ideal for those who've completed what's inside the free version and are ready to start investing in their manifesting future at their own pace. You'll also find premium members-only freebies and deals here. 

5 Often Ignored But Seriously Useful Principles 

Inside this pint-sized course, you'll find the details on useful but misunderstood universal principles. Think that sounds boring? Nah-uh! Pay attention to these because they're favorite playmates to our mutual buddy, the LOA.

Make Your Powerful Inner Genie The Best At Actualizing Awesome Manifesting Assignments

The Affirmative Energy Boosting Challenge

Would it blow your ever-lovin' mind if I told you that in 14 short days, you could completely change your day-to-day energy and make it a much better fit for manifesting your desires? This challenge is your first step to UP your skills without changing anything about who you are.

The LOA Elements Manifesting Workshop

There's nothing tricky about using the LOA to co-create our lives. It's just out there doin' what it does best. But from our human point of view, it can be a bit backward. Knowing what elements the LOA uses to bring your desires to you can only make you more attractive to all of them.

The Affirm Membership For Manifesting Excellence

Energy boosted, check. Essential elements of the LOA, check. What the heck about the rest of the bunch? By that I mean the other universal principles. Have no fear, my manifesting friend. Affirm is the place to get your geek on. It's a superb combo of info and community.

Next, Superior Targeted Solutions To "Real" Dilemmas Comin' Right UP

The Illuminate And Celebrate Money Creation Challenge

Take it from someone who started manifesting to change their finances; there's a specific flow to money. You have to get into that glorious cash cascade and stay there if you're gonna change your financial future. Yes, attraction is attraction, but lots of people quit trying because of a sticking point with money. Or maybe I should say some are "not-so-sticky" when it comes to the currency equation.

Whatever your history with money, the good news is your days of being broke are over for good! At least they are if you sign up for this challenge because within six weeks, you'll exchange every flawed money belief you've ever had for confidence and plenty.

The Perfect Picture Vision Board Workshop For Outstanding Clarity

Do you secretly snicker when someone mentions the all-consuming vision board? I've heard from plenty of people it never did anything for them. And on closer inspection, that's sometimes because a vision board is akin to vision-eering in that not everybody is supremely talented with it.

If you've ever thought in your whiniest voice, "Aaaah, I can't visualize. It's too hard!" then this is for you.

Our 2-day workshop will give you insider info on how to know what you really want, see into the future that you desire with vivid clarity, and how to be stunningly tempting to it, so it appears before your very eyes.

The Be You Print For Mindset And Imagination Strengthening Course

Do you ever feel when you listen to people talk about manifesting that you have to change who you are to succeed? If you're wondering, with all you've heard about the Law Of Attraction, why you have to be positive or change your thoughts, things aren't making sense to you yet. If you're finding it hard to control your emotions, you're still very much in a trial and error stage.

The solution to overcoming these significant challenges comes down to your image of yourself.

When you're manifesting your dream life, each part of it requires a bit of adjustment, and there's no better place to do that than in your imagination. It's life-changing!

The Ultimate Growth Based Solutions For Advanced Manifesting Students

In-Sight Your Intuition For Co-Creative Connossieurs

You're the logical sort, and trusting your inner knowing (or instincts if you prefer), isn't the easiest thing to do. When faced with a huge decision, you sometimes envy those that seem to be able to throw all rationale out the window and go with their inner guidance. After all, it works out so well for them. Or...

You say you're spiritual type and you just know you have intuition because you've used it before. The trouble is that it's often AOL and difficult to find when you need it the most. 

IN-Sight Your Intuition is for anyone who's ever struggled with doubting themselves or connecting to the deeper knowledge of their inner genie.

My Inspired Life By Design Mastermind Group

If you've been part of a really great mastermind group, you know it's a thrilling experience totally unto itself. The idea behind it is credited to author Napoleon Hill. It appeared in his classic book from 1937, called Think And Grow Rich. He was inspired by this divine idea because of his time and many convos with industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

Mr. Hill's description of a "mastermind" was that when two or more people come together for a definite purpose with an aim to work together harmoniously toward that purpose, a third mind is created. That third mind is the "mastermind," and with it, extraordinary things are achieved.