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Get Your Shine ON!

You Can Magnetize And Manifest Your Best Life Boldly!

Learn How To Live Your Ultimate Law Of Attraction Lifestyle

Let's get to know each other.

I teach and mentor manifesting enthusiasts to co-create dreams and lifestyles with the mighty power of universal principles...

I believe that universal principles are our Creator's laws. Why? Because they're fundamental, they work for everyone, work all the time without fail, and are understandable. What's even more vital for us humans is that they're demonstrable.

More about me

Do you ever wish you could use your one-of-a-kind skills and talents to build the lifestyle you love?

Great news, you can!

You can manifest your life with clear intentions, laser precision strategy, and avoid your stumbling blocks while doing it. Make the most of your strengths with second-to-none support and live your life your way. The only problem?

Getting Big-Time Stuck In A Sucky Manifesting Energy Loop

If that sounds like you, you're not alone!

Check out a few of the common, but genuine concerns other manifesting enthusiasts have had. Yes, I've struggled with some of these myself. 

Wondering If Manifesting Anything Is Actually Realistic

Normally brought on by lackluster results in the past.

Battling Your Self Esteem About What You Can Achieve Through Manifesting

Because you may be valuing  other's opinions too much. 

Not Realizing Or Not Being Sure There's Blocked Up Energy In Your Way

Getting rid of it is doable if you know how. 

Constantly Riding A Rollercoaster Of Emotion That Often Seems Out Of Control.

Take charge of this for the sake of your future self.

And you may be asking...

Can I really bring my dream to life?

The answer is, heck, yes you can!

And you've got everything you need right now. Your inner genie is waiting for you.

Here's Why Co-Creation Is A Colossal, Unbeatable Blessing

The best news yet is..

You can change your life in a lot less time than you think!

I regularly see it happening for others, so I know it can happen for you too.

That desire you have inside is your inner genie ( your unlimited built-in badass,) saying it's ready to break free from it's confined digs and bring your dreams to life. 

Stop denying your destiny and manifest your abundance like it's your favorite pass time.

It's time to help your genie out of it's bottle and dust off those dreams. Get ready for your wishes to be granted!

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Podcast, mini-courses, blog...what kind of free resources tickle your fancy today?

In the mood for a mini-course?

You're in luck, all of our 5-star rated mini-courses live within Powered UP.  You name it, if it's manifesting related, it's there.  Head on over to the enrollment page and choose the level where you want to start. 

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Work with me

I'm a manifesting enthusiast who failed and failed, and failed again.

So I became the only Manifesting Coach with an A-Z plan for attracting exactly what you want like a co-creative genius! Here's how I can help...

Private One-To-One Coaching

Personal coaching is an intense but very rewarding and even exhilarating experience. That's because it requires an open and trusting relationship between you and your coach. If coaching's for you then you have a specific aim in mind, probably a timeline as well, not to mention the means and intent to make it happen.

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Group Coaching Programs

So you want coaching, but don't want all the attention? Then a group coaching program is your best bet. You still get individualized focus when needed, such as when you have a ton of questions, but you get to sit back, chillax and learn from the group experience too.

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Personal Mentoring

Mentoring is for you if you're wanting serious change but your timeline is more flexible and your goals are still evolving. Working with a mentor can help you gain clarity and reach for those dreams.

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Want Me To Help You Absolutely And Authentically Manifest The Life You Want?

I know I can because I ditched my own bs circumstances. I taught myself how with some kick-butt cosmic help, back in 2004. Since then, I've helped many others do it too. And now you're specially invited along for the ride, so put your name and best email into the form, and I'll be in touch to take you on a journey that will end with you living your best life.

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